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Videos Provided by Dr. David Kim
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Introducing Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Kim
Dr. David Kim is interviewed on Insider Exclusive, and he explains what it means to be Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.
Format: Flash
Rhinoplasty Patient with Beverly Hills Surgeon Dr. David Kim
A Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery patient of Dr. David Kim discusses her experience.
Format: Flash
Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation Patient
A Breast Augmentation patient is interviewed about her experience with Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Kim.
Format: Flash
Beverly Hills Liposuction - Breast Augmentation - Butt Lift
A patient of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Kim discusses her Brazilian Butt Lift, Breast Augmentation and Liposuction.
Format: Flash
Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Patient Chooses Dr. David Kim
A Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty patient had previous nasal surgery with another doctor and was unhappy, so she went to see Dr. David Kim to get the nose she always wanted.
Format: Flash
Breast Augmentation Patient in Beverly Hills
A happy patient of Dr. David Kim speaks of her breast augmentation procedure.
Format: Flash
Beverly Hills Liposuction with Dr. David Kim
Dr. Kim and a Liposuction patient discuss the Liposuction procedure.
Format: Flash
Visiting Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Kim
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Kim on Insider Exclusive.
Format: Flash
TUBA Procedure in Beverly Hills with Dr. David Kim
American Health Journal reports on the TUBA, or Trans-Umbilical Breast Augmentation, procedure with Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Kim.
Format: Flash
Fox News: Breast Augmentation with Less Scarring
Fox News features the TUBA Procedure in which a breast implant is inserted, uninflated, through the belly button and filled once it is in place. Featuring Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Kim.
Format: Flash
Before and After Breast Augmentation - Dancer Tiffany
Tiffany is a Polynesian dancer who wants to have Breast Augmentation surgery. She meets Dr. David Kim of Beverly Hills.
Format: Flash
Beverly Hills Breast Augmentation Before and After - Sharon
Sharon decides upon the TUBA procedure and has Dr. David Kim perform the procedure.
Format: Flash
Breast Augmentation and Lift
Dr. David Kim describes and shows the procedure for a small lift and augmentation.
Format: Flash
Breast Augmentation Revision and Rhinoplasty
Follow the procedure with Dr. David Kim in Beverly Hills, CA.
Format: Flash
Breast Augmentation using Silicone Implants
Breast augmentation using silicone implants through a periareolar approach with Dr. David Kim in Beverly Hills.
Format: Flash
Fat Transfer to Buttocks with Dr. Kim
Liposuction surgery to improve shape and figure, with Dr. David Kim.
Format: Flash
Finesse Rhinoplasty - Creating Overall Facial Balance
It is a common misconception the people who decide to have rhinoplasty performed do so because of a severe nasal deformity or obstruction in breathing. As this video will show, a full time model has the procedure to make minor adjustments to her appearance. A slight nasal hump was removed and her cartilage was finely trimmed. One would never had considered her as a rhinoplasty candidate, however those minor adjustments worked wonders, enhancing her appearance by creating facial harmony.
Format: Flash
Model gets breast implants
Women in modeling will often get breast augmentation to enhance their appearance and make themselves more marketable.
Format: Flash
Mommy Makeover Surgery in Beverly Hills with Dr. David Kim
Tummy tuck and breast augmentation rejuvenates a mother of three.
Format: Flash
My Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)
Dr. David Kim describes the benefits of the tummy tuck procedure.
Format: Flash
Remove and Replace Implants Through the Belly Button
Dr. Kim removes and replaces patient's implants to go larger using the umbilical technique in Beverly Hill, CA.
Format: Flash
Rhinoplasty / Nose Surgery - Before and After
Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. David Kim explains rhinoplasty cosmetic plastic surgery of the nose in this before and after video of the procedure. Nose surgery requires experience and in particular artistic skill. Watch this patient as she experiences her rhinoplasty.
Format: Flash
Umbilical Breast Augmentation After Kids
Watch as this patient undergoes umbilical breast augmentation. This is a patient that has had a child and experience slight droopiness after breast feeding.
Format: Flash
David E. Kim, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Beverly Hills Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
Office Address:
436 North Bedford Dr.
Suite 300
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Email Dr. Kim
Dr. Kim has 23 videos available in the Video Gallery. Click here to view.

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