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Bodysculpting Molds New Lives

Raja K. Srour, M.D.

Let's say you've really bitten the bullet and gotten down to building a better, more beautiful you. You've dieted, biked, jogged, lifted weights, and attended aerobics workouts until the cows came home. Now you're looking in the mirror, thinking to yourself, Yeah, there's been some improvement. You've lost some weight, and there's some definite curves in the right places. But there's still some unsightly fat left, and what is with all that loose skin? It just seems to hang there, in all the really unflattering places. What exercises do you have to do to get rid of that?!

There aren't any. All that excess skin is one unfortunate side effect of your exercising and dieting: you lose the fat, but the skin stays put. But that needn't be the case all the time. Nowadays, more and more people are turning to Bodysculpting as a means of achieving the body they've always wanted. But it's more than just a vanity thing, explains Dr. Raja Srour, a Board-certified plastic surgeon practicing in the Los Angeles area.

Cosmetic surgery gives patients a powerful boost in self-confidence. They look better, feel better, and even perform better.Bodysculpting is a process which involves a surgical procedure to remove the excess skin after weight loss has occurred, as well as the removal of some fat deposits from unsightly areas of the body especially resistant to dieting and exercise. It is a procedure requested by both men and women nowadays. "After a weight loss of 30, 40, or 50 pounds," explains Dr. Srour, "the body needs something to tighten and take away the loose skin that remains. Sometimes a workout isn't enough."

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