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Patient Testimonials for Dr. Arthur Shektman

I just wanted to give credit to my plastic surgeon for a job WELL done! I would highly recommend Dr. Athur Shektman, who is listed on your website, for anyone in the Boston area ,that is considering having a breast augmentation. From my very first consultation to my last post-op visit he was very professional. I had a great experience with him and all of his staff. All of my questions , whether stupid or not, were answered. I had a great experience with my surgery also. I fully expected to be in alot of pain and extremely swollen which never happened to me !! My breasts looked just as great after surgery as they do now!! I wasn't sure what size would best fit my frame, so I left that decision up to Dr. Shektman. I was a little scared leaving that decision up to a man, but, he knew what I wanted and what would best fit my frame. He made my dreams come true!! His suggestion was a full C to a small D. I could not be any happier with his decision!! Please let other women hear my story so they can be better informed.

For YEARS, I said I was going to get a BA, get myself some boobs. Read about the procedure and options, but was never really serious about it, even though, I was SO self-conscious of my appearance. And how could I not be, being a AA, not even filling THAT?! So, mid-October of 2001, I said, I AM going to get a BA! Spent hours on, read books, researched Doctor's in my area. With the help of I found Dr. Arthur Shektman of Wellesley, MA. I made an appointment for a consultation. My consult was scheduled for the beginning of November. I had a few phone conversations with his staff, and before I even went to my consultation, I had felt so comfortable with his staff, I booked my Surgery for November 14th! At my consult, Dr. Shektman answered all the questions/concerns I had and before I knew it, it was November 14th.

The morning of my surgery I was SO nervous. And SO excited! When I had left my consultation with my instructions for surgery, one of the nurses, Kathy, had said to wear a pair of pj's to surgery if possible, that way when I got home, I could just lay right down, not have to change. So, I went out and got a pair of flannel pj's that buttoned down the front and had SMILEY faces all over them, because that is how I was going to feel when I FINALLY had some boobs! Got to the office, signed the consent forms, answered some last minute questions, got marked up by Dr. Shektman, and next thing I knew, I was lying on the table, arms outstretched, and the IV being inserted. About 8:20am, anesthesiologist said I would start to feel sleepy, and I did, next thing I know, I am awake, sitting in a recliner in the recovery room, and it is about 11:30, and I had boobs.

My recovery went extremely well, I think, compared to other stories I have heard. The day of the surgery is kinda a blur, although I hear I was quite funny. Slept off and on. Hardest thing was going to the bathroom, had to have my boyfriend help me. The day of surgery I did experience a little nausea, but only when getting up to make the trip to the bathroom. My surgery was on a Wednesday, on that following Saturday I made my first trip out. The bumps in the road were uncomfortable. I had switched to tylenol on Friday, saving the percoset to night, as I was sore from laying on my back the whole night. I was able to sleep through the whole night, no back pain, no major bloating, none of the bad stuff that you hear.

I am now 7 months post and what they say about PATIENCE is true. You must be patient! It is a long process to get 'final' results. This is the best thing I have done for myself. I am extremely happy with my results. I would recommend Dr. Shektman, to anyone, and I have.

I am 3 weeks Post Op today. Feeling great. If there is anyone out there looking for a Hell Of A Surgeon, Dr. Shektman is your man. He is in Wellesley Mass. His whole team was wonderful, my scars look great and get this" He called my house the night that I had the surgery, to see how I was...... How cool is that?????

My surgery went so well!! I am so happy with them. Tomorrow, I will be 3 weeks post-op.

The incisions are healing very well and they are getting so soft. I couldn't be happier. I was very lucky and didn't have any side effects from pain meds etc. Some slight bruising, but that was pretty much it.

I want to say thanks for making it so easy to get very good and clear information. I went to Dr. Shektman with a bunch of pictures and info sheets that I got off the site and he was like, hey I'm on that site. He says that they look very nice, so maybe he will submit my pictures to the photo gallery.

I had my surgery on May 21st. I could not be happier. I LOVE Dr. Shektman. I'm two weeks post op and lovin' my new figure. For the first time in my life I look feminine and beautiful.

My surgery was uneventful, I would have to say I was more mise ra ble from the pain medication (nausea and dizziness) than from the post op pain, so after just three doses I switched to tylenol and all was well. By day four I was up and about, I went shopping on Newbury Street in Boston.

Besides a little tightness they feel and look like they are my own.

Your site has been a wonderful resource and I find myself on it s/o tells me I'm "obsessed" with the site :-)...I'm on it more now than I was before surgery. Keep up the great work.........
Arthur Shektman, M.D.
Wellesley Cosmetic Surgery
Office Address:
332 Washington Street
Suite 340
Wellesley, MA 02481
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